AVAS Residential Packages

Base Package: These items are installed in every home

    • Jacks:  4 Phone and Internet,  1 Entertainment,  1 Office
    • Security that is integrated into the Control4 System
    • 4 audio zones of your choice for integration to Control4
    • Full Coverage Secured Wireless/Wired Network
    • 4 Pairs of High Performance In-Ceiling or In-Wall Speakers
    • 1 Control4 HC-250 Home Controller to facilitate control and integration
    • 1 Control4 4-Zone Amplifier
    • Multi Tuner that includes 2 AM/FM radios and also 1 XM Satellite-Radio
    •  3 Control4 Wireless Dimmers for outdoor security lighting
    • 1 Control4 Universal Remote for navigation
    • High Performance VPN Router to properly direct network traffic
    • 24 Port Gigabit Network Switch to accommodate the demanding bandwidth needs of network traffic
    • 5.1 Theater pre-wire in one room

Bronze Upgrade Package: Also includes all items in the Base Package

    • 2 more Phone/Internet and 1  more Entertainment Jacks
    • Installation of Future Tubing for additional wiring needs or upgrades
    • 1 7” Touch Screen with camera
    • Full 5.1 Theater Installation that includes:
    • Control4 Home Theater Controller
    • Integra Receiver
    • Blu-Ray Player
    • 1 In-Wall Subwoofer
    • 5 In-Wall Surround Sound Speakers

Silver Upgrade Package: Also includes all items in previous packages

    • A total of 8 Phone/Internet, 2 Entertainment, 1 Office Jacks
    • Control4 HC-800 for a smoother, faster running system
    • Upgrade from 4 to 8 audio zones
    • A total of 3 7” Touch Screens with cameras
    • Upgrade from a 4-Zone to an 8-Zone Amplifier
    • 7 Additional Control4 Dimmers for a total of 10 controlled lights
    • 8 Pairs total of High Performance In-Ceiling or In-Wall Speakers
    • 2 24-Port Gigabit Switches
    • Loran-Tech Media/Home Automation Server
    • An Equipment Rack to accommodate for all of the devices to be stored and protected in one location with a Battery Backup.
    • MyHome site license for any iPhones, iPads or computers of any number to control the system with the same menu as the TV’s and touch screens

Gold Upgrade Package: Also includes all items in previous packages

    • A total of 10 Phone/Internet, 5 Entertainment, 2 Office Jacks
    • 2 HC-200 to control two TVs and provide the Control4 user interface to that TV
    • Upgrade to a total of 5 7” Touch Screens with cameras
    • 3 Control4 Universal Remotes for navigation
    • An outside zone that will include 2 waterproof rock speakers with their own amplifier
    • Multi Zone Video package included with gold upgrade.
      • (4 extra low profile TV mounts, 4 control 4 universal remotes, HDMI Video Matrix switch, and a bluray player

7.1 Home Theater Add On Package: An optional addition to any package

    • Full High-Performance 7.1 Theater
    • Integra Receiver,
    • High Performance Blu-Ray Player
    • Triad Subwoofer
    • Triad Surround Speakers