Learn About AVAS

AVAS Inc. was founded by J. Albert Loranger in the summer of 2009.  Seeing a need for an operation embracing the continuing convergence of homes and computer systems, Al draws upon his computer science degree to constantly innovate.  As a 3rd generation C.E.O. Al has the vision and experience needed to guide the company in an ever changing business environment.

AVAS began in the residential market and has since branched out into the commercial market as well.

As a company, our mission is to help people realize the quality of life and efficiency afforded by bleeding edge technology. It is our job to integrate it into your lifestyle, and your job to enjoy it thoroughly.

Why Choose AVAS?

Many are beginning to realize how much of an impact automation can have on your family’s bottom line. Making sure lights go on and off when they are supposed to, using unnoticeable dimming to save energy, integrating control systems to regulate and control energy usage. All this boils down to saving money and resources.

Beyond the technology, electronics, boxes, and wires, lies the end result: An easier, better, more enjoyable lifestyle.

AVAS draws on over 20 years of combined installation and design experience and all of our installers are Infocomm Certified. This means that the professionals at AVAS provide installation quality and consistency that is second to none.  By utilizing the best brands in the business, the solutions presented by AVAS provide you with the maximum return on investment. Our entire company is committed to your continued satisfaction.