• Residential 

    Enjoy a life without chaos, clutter, wires or missing remotes. AVAS, Inc puts you back in control of all your home’s devices and systems with a single button. Take complete control of your home with our automation solutions.


  • Business 

    AVAS,Inc. offers simplicity, efficiency, and productivity with cost-effective integrated automation and control solutions for today’s technology rich presentation facilities including media-driven presentation facilities with participants in the room or audio conferencing or videoconferencing.

  • Education

    Educational institutions are increasingly embracing technology in the classroom as a means for improving academic achievement. Various digital technologies have been introduced to education over the years from projectors and televisions to computers and smart boards, and recently video and web-conferencing.

  • Government

    Creating a control and automation system for government and military applications that yields tangible, reliable and secure results requires the efficiency, power and simplicity of AVAS,Inc.


  • Hotel

    More and more, guests are expecting the same experience or better in a hotel room that they would have in their own home AVAS, Inc. can automate and control virtually all facets of a luxury hotel including guest rooms, ballrooms/meeting rooms, pool, spa, restaurants, and nightclubs.


  • Entertainment

    Lights, cameras, action. Simplify. AVAS offers entertainment facilities integrated control and automation solutions for a limitless number of video displays, audio systems, lighting scenes, environmental configurations, content management and delivery.

About AVAS

Whether your needs are a cozy home theater, extravagant multi-room distributed audio system, home automation system, LCD projector, teleconferencing, or lighting controls,  AVAS provides installation quality and consistency that is second to none. 

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